Silver Eagles
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Eaglelead's aircraft. . photo courtesy of Kim Medise (Daughter of Gary Pinette - Solo 6).

Silver Eagles flying along the Chicago lakefront

LTC Benjamin Powell (Eaglelead) with 16066

Silver Eagle Wedge over an Alabama cotton field.

Parked on line at Knox Field, Ft. Rucker.

Sunset becomes her

Pylon Pivot

VIPs Susan Ford (daughter of President Gerald Ford) with Commander of NAS Oceana, Virginia at one of our many airshows.

Echelon Right over South Alabama

Echelon Right with smoke over South Alabama

LTC Powell addressing the home crowd at Knox Field following the team's final performance.

The Wedge over Enterprise, AL

Overhead "The Wedge"

Start of the solo spiral climb behind Professor Art Scholl's Chipmunk

Silver Eagles Support Caribou

1975 Paint Scheme

Silver Eagles Support Caribou

Tail# 57-3080 Currently located at the Army Aviation Center Museum - Ft. Rucker, AL

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